About The Bizarros

From the streets of the Akron rubber factories to center stage at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, the Bizarros have proven that they can, in fact, fight their way uptown. Fueling the Akron music scene in the late 1970s with songs like I, Bizarro and Laser Boys, the quintet meshed raw punk energy with new wave. Lyrics range from more lighthearted pop culture references - comic book villains and white screen movies - to more introspective and philosophical verses.

 Friends since grade school, the original lineup included lead vocalist Nick Nicholis, guitarist Jerry Parkins, bassist Don Parkins, drummer Rick Garberson and guitarist/keyboardist Terry Walker. Their music first materialized in the form of an album in 1976 on Gorilla Records. Nicholis went on to create the independent label, Clone Records, through which the next two releases were distributed. Four subsequent releases followed, the last in 1981, and the Bizarros took a 23-year hiatus from studio. Reemerging in 2003 with the latest release, You Can't Fight Your Way Up Town From Here, the band is near completion of another full-length album. The new lineup includes Martyn Flunoy on drums. 

Opening for Akron rock icon Chrissie Hynde and the legendary Jerry Lee Lewis at the historic Akron Civil Theatre in September 2007, the Bizarros displayed as much edginess and enthusiasm as ever. Debuting new songs intermingled with those written nearly three decades prior, the Bizarros remain both relevant and true to their unique sound.

 Additional credits to their name include the song opener to the hit inde film, Hero Tomorrow (2005) and inclusion on the critically acclaimed soundtrack bigland's Dreaming (2006), a tribute to the heyday of punk rock, its origins and its aftermath compiled by Jon Savage.

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