Sordide Sentimental - à l'angle des tourments
(at the angle of torment)

side A
The Cube

side B



She's going underground to the new life that she found - she said she's leaving town to the new life that she's found- gonna turn this mess around she's going underground.

The Cube

I don't learn much from books
Watch pictures on the video
I hear electric noise
Must be my sister's radio

Right now I try real hard
Zero in on crazy sound
Think when I turn around
Don't even have a radio

And then - from space - it came
This message to me
But I was not afraid of T.V.
When the lights went out
The cube ---- came down
To watch the screen fade out

I see a washed out screen
Neon box make little fires
It seemed to be alive
Broken glass and dirty wires

I try to clean it up
Reception's getting better
It blew out thick green smoke
Put back in working order

There is no time to waste
Connect me to the cable
No horizontal hold
Just put me on the table

But now I'm not afraid
Watch screen behind locked doors
My life's in black & white
Don't go out anymore