Below are Guestbook entries from our old site. They are still fun to read. We are leaving them so everyone can take a stroll down memory lane.

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Name : James Beckett
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Comment : really good one, but i would stick more with updating and fresh data. this will help a lot to play.

Name : Rick Nivens
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Comment : I bought your 1st EP years ago and always loved it. Im very glad to see this website and learn more about The Bizarros. Thanks

Name : dead ringer
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Comment : You guys gonna play some where soon, what up yall.

Name : jr
Comment : cool site

Name : tom z
Comment : You guys retired again?

Name : Tim McCorkle
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Comment : Rock on!

Name : OHMS
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Comment : Happy birthday Nick!!!! You guys are really cranking out some fantastic new tunes. KEEP IT UP!

Name : Jane Aire
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Comment : Hey Guys, Great to see the website. Ill be in town around July 11th, maybe we can get together. Writing some new songs myself, as well as working with an eight piece horn band, Wishing you love,peace, good health, prosperity and wis

Name : JD Gragg
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Comment : GREAT new cd! I have enjoyed this band since I stumbled across the LP in a used store years ago. Come play in North Carolina! Best to you guys. Thanks for coming back!

Name : Scott Krauss
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Comment : Akron, this is Cleveland calling. Come in Akron. Can you hear me? over and out.

Name : Jim
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Comment : Hey, Surfing around, and found your site. Im glad you guys are still around - remember you from your Crypt days in Akron. Still have all the vinyl, and belive it or not, actually have your LP on 8-track! Rock on!!

Name : Tom Conroy
Comment : I was born in 1961, grew up on a childhood musical diet of Beatles/Monkees and later on during high school in the 70s got heavily into punk, as well as great stuff like the Velvet Underground and Roxy Music. Anyway, along the way, I learned about all thes

Name : bob conner
email (optional) :
Comment : hi, im bob from n.j. i remember you guys from the akron days. i still have my clone 45s as well as the bizarro/rubber city rebel shared record and the mercury record. i was looking through an issue of the village voice last month an saw the band listed in

Name : john weintzmyer
Comment : hey bizzarros, i see your playing the beechland, will be there!

Name : linda evans
Comment : Hey Nick, my former teachers aide Patty showed me your article. So now I guess when we are in Akron we will have to come see you in action. Good Luck!

Name : patty
email (optional) :
Comment : well brenda told me how great your band is, came to the web site, so cool to see some of my former classmates in a rockin band!!! cant wait to see you play when i am in town

Name : todd paul
Comment : your new cd is the best thing out in many years. got it last week and it has been in the cd player the whole time. You need to play out more!

Name : tom terwiliger
Comment : you guys ever going to play out in the akron, cleveland area soon? are you guys still playing together?

Name : Sherry
email (optional) :
Comment : so glad you guys are back at it again.lookin forward to the next show.

Name :
Comment : You guys Rock!

Name : Richie Bluetile
Comment : Could you maybe put the band members shoe sizes on the website? Im building a bomb. Damn, Im drunk/hungover. Thx:)

email (optional) : 1ROMAN1@MSN.COM

Name : Jnnfr
Comment : What a thrill to find your website! I still have my Bizarro vinyl, any chance it will be available on CD?

Name : Antoine RIDEL
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Comment : Great to find you alive & well.Seems the whole Akron scenes rising from the dead(see the RCR,for instance). Hope the new CD is due soon,please keep me informed. Antoine from France.

Name : jimi imij
URL (optional) :
Comment : I would like to take a moment to say thank the BIZARROS for one kickass time at the Lime Spider July 19.2003 what a great time. WE are thankful for the chance to rock out to the bizarros ,you were in fine form that night.Keep up the rockin. thanxxx guys j

Name : Dallas Cochran
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email (optional) :
Comment : cool website and amazing show a few weeks back! why dont you play out more?? would love to come see you lads again. cheers!

Name : Dave LaRosa
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email (optional) :
Comment : Hi Bizarros! Lime Spider show was cool, well worth the drive. New stuff is excellent! Especially like the song about the Ohio Bands, and the one about the smoke in the mirrors. Keep rocking! Dave.

Name : Wallabe_Jack
Comment : You guys are fabulous! Any chance of a tour anytime in the near future...?

Name : d bowie
Comment : great site! i have heard your older compositions and will hear your new material when it is time. i look forward to it! a fan

Name : Lorelei von Kluck
email (optional) :
Comment : GREAT website! I wish you so much success. Most people dont allow themselves to go for what they want - you did. Congratulations!

Name : Bobbie Jo Violet
Comment : Fantastic internet site! You guys are great! Get that album finished so we can hear the Bizarros anytime we want!

Name : angel_49
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email (optional) :
Comment : it was nice talking to you terry, the site is awesome i enjoy it very much . Keep up the good work.If i am ever in ohio will come and listen to ya.

Name : Dianna
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Comment : Nick you are the Brad Pitt of the rubber city rebels!!!!!!!!

Name : George Nicholis
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Comment : Good to finally see a website dedicated to a much-deserving band. Heres to many more, Dad!

Name : Dave LaRosa
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email (optional) :
Comment : The Bizarros are absolutely one of my favorite bands of all time! I am still kicking myself for missing the Columbus, OH show at Mr Browns circa 1980 (I believe you were playing with Pere Ubu or RCRs). Ive heard rumors of a new studio CD and would like to

Name : Bob Dolan
Comment : Hey guys! So excited to hear your all doing well and still together. I am doing fine and my life in Florida has been terrific. Will talk at ya more when time allows.Sincerely, Bob Dolan

Name : Mary Waugh
Comment : P.S. I found you! What a surprise.

Name : beth
Comment : best of luck with your new album, love from the west of Ireland

Name : Tara OShea
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email (optional) :
Comment : This site kicks much ass, its hella interestin, please let me know when these cats are gonna rock out again, I wanna be there!! Peace in the east, - Tara

Name : jimi imij
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Comment : hay every one , hope you all enjoy this site as much as i have , please help fill it out with memories old and new, as well any photos, news clippings, video, live audio, any thing you would like to share, thanx, nick, terry, don, jerry, and martyn

Name : Shelley
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Comment : Im so glad I had the opportunity to see you guys perform. I cant wait for the CD!!! Hope to see you all again, soon. Shelley

Name : I Bizarros Fan
Comment : I saw the Bizarros at the Beachland this month, and you completely rock! I love you and I listen to you endlessly! I Bizarros Fan