Martyn Flunoy


Martyn Flunoy was born when the Holy Ghost of the Blues and the Scarlet Sisterhood met through Sonic Intervention and Rhythmic Sodomy. Growing up with Insolent Negroid Features, he became percussively aware at an early age after studying with the Marquis of Dali and the Max Ernst Dance Band.

Martyn also became an Emotionaly Savage Collagist after Submission to Rhythymic Pain and Joy and having visions of St. Hendrix and St. Coltrane.

Playing in bands like Dr. Loveless, Iron Henry and Bocoma, he studied with Halim El Dabh, a Provayer of Fine Audio Visual Stimulants. From Halim he learned the Rhythmic Relfex and then played with Vinyl Back-Architects of the Musical Shadows. Then with this Percussively Built Foundation moved on to Lester and started to De-Invent music. After jamming with Jerry for many years, a great honor was bestowed upon Martyn - he was selected as the drummer for the legendary Bizarros.